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In a nutshell: What do we manufacture?

Central Components Manufacturing produces a full range of connectivity products for telecommunications, computers and related industries. In a nutshell, we engineer, design, manufacture, sell and provide consulting services for all kinds. Click here to view our online catalog.

Here is a list of some of the products we manufacture:

  • connectors
  • interconnection devices
  • electronic components
  • modular telephone plugs
  • ganged modular telephone jacks
  • category 5 keystone jacks
  • RF connectors
  • fiber optic media connectors
  • circular mini DIN jacks
  • circular DIN plugs
  • RCA jacks
  • RCA plugs
  • PLCC sockets
  • small outline J-leaded sockets
  • flat cable sockets
  • IDC male cable plugs
  • flat cable latch headers
  • male shrouded latch headers
  • miniature ribbon connectors
  • hand-held and portable antennas
  • D-subminiature straight PCB tail connectors
  • D-subminiature solder cup connectors
  • D-subminiature machined contact right angle connectors
  • D-subminiature IDC connectors
  • D-subminiature high density crimp and poke connectors
  • D-subminiature high density right angle connectors
  • hardware
  • custom cable assemblies and adapters
  • crimp contact wire housings
  • crimp wire housings
  • male unshrouded pin headers
  • unshrouded dual insulator pin headers
  • interconnection systems
  • electrical connectors
  • modular telephone jacks
  • modular assembly tools
  • modular inline couplers
  • BNC connectors
  • earphone jacks
  • circular DIN jacks
  • circular mini DIN plugs
  • direct current power jacks
  • IC sockets
  • production sockets
  • card edge connectors
  • high density VESA card edge connectors
  • flat cable card edge connectors
  • flat cable DIP plugs
  • flat cable transition plugs
  • miniature ribbon Centronics connectors
  • serial ATA (SATA) connectors
  • high definition multimedia interfaces (HDMI)
  • D-subminiature crimp and poke connectors
  • D-subminiature right angle connectors
  • D-subminiature high density straight PCB tail connectors
  • D-subminiature high density solder cup connectors
  • D-subminiature dual port stacked right angle connectors
  • backshells friction lock housings
  • friction lock headers
  • power headers
  • box headers
  • receptacle strips
  • shunts

We can also manufacture custom products to match your requirements. Please tell us what you need and we'll let you know if it's available immediately or one of our manufacturing facilities can design, engineer and produce it for you at a competitive price. You may use our Contact Us page or send an email directly to


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