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Central Components Manufacturing Profile

Factory information

  • Tai Linear/Central Ent. Co., Ltd., Taiwan, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • President: Yuan Ping Xyu
  • Vice President: Lihwa Chiang
  • Engineering Director: Joseph Lin Wong
  • Engineering/Marketing Manager: Lizzy Chiang
  • USA General Manager: Gregory Lane (Central Label)
About Tai Linear/Central
  • Established 1980 in Tainan Taiwan
  • Xiamen China factory opened 1998
  • Manufacturing Facilities 500m x 2/2
  • Central Components Manufacturing sales office opened 1995 (USA)
  • Registered manufacturer/exporter of electronic components
  • ISO 9000 pending
  • Employees: 118 in Taiwan; 486 in China plant
  • Major Approvals: UL, CSA, FCC Compliant (UL file numbers E171970, E172105, E196498)

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Main Products
  • CCM factory in TaiwanPCB connectors, backplanes, cable assemblies, etc.
  • RF connectors, Audio/Video cable assemblies, customer designed wire harnesses, etc.
  • Fiber optic connectors, assemblies and adaptors
  • Custom metal enclosures/components
  • Sheet metal fabrications
  • Solderless breadboards and accessories
Services Line
  • HI Rel IC Sockets and PGA/PLCC Sockets
  • Telephone connectors, wires, tool kits, etc.
  • OEM projects, die-casting, metal stamping, precision press tooling, etc.
Major OEM Approvals (USA)
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Nortel
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Teleflex
  • Dictaphone
Major OEM Sub-contractor for
  • Amphenol
  • FCI Berg
  • Molex



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