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Terminals and Lugs
Terminals, Lugs, Spades, Ring Terminals, Ring Lugs, Spade Lugs

  • Select part number to see diagrams and dimensions
  • 64 varieties of terminals
  • Dimension W: contact width in millimeters
  • Dimension E: contact length in millimeters
  • Dimension L: terminal length in millimeters
  • Dimension D: connector opening in millimeters
  • Wire range in AWG#
  • Wire range in square millimeters
  • Material: brass, phosphor bronze
  • Finish: none, tin, gold flash
  • Stock thickness in millimeters
  • Quantity per reel: ranges from 1,750 to 30,000
  • Net weight in kilograms
  • Insulation outer diameter (OD) in millimeters

Most CCM terminals are sold as part of our speciality: custom cable assemblies. However, this terminal page can help guide you in planning your cable assembly order. Of course, you may be interested only in a bulk terminal purchase, but consider letting us put it all together for you. We wire what we manufacture to fit any design specification. Central Components Manufacturing is U.L. recognized and CSA certified in custom cable assembly and voice and data product manufacturing.

Central Components can manufacture to your specifications any combination of connectors, terminals and wiring, such as:

  • Ribbon cables
  • Power cords
  • Wire harnesses
  • Molded assemblies
  • Modular line cords
  • Coil cord assemblies
  • Discrete wire assemblies
  • Transceiver cables
  • Telco cable assemblies
  • Pre-wired blocks
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • Fiber optic pigtails
Engineering Drawings



Terminal Diagram

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