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Coils, Transformers and Inductors
Series = CTI

Coils, Transformers and Inductors



Central Components manufactures a variety of coils, transformers and inductors including air coils, balun coils, bead inductors, chip inductors, choke coils, coil filters, current transformers, EMI filters, ferrite cores, high frequency transformers, LAN coils and transformers, leaded inductors, power inductors, power transformers, pulse transformers, telecom transformers and toroidal transformers.

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Air coils Balun coils Bead inductors Chip inductors
Choke coils Coil filters Current transformers EMI filters
Ferrite cores High frequency transformers LAN coils/transformers Leaded inductors
Power inductors Power transformers Pulse transformers Telecom transformers
Toroidal transformers      
Air coils
Air Choke Coil and Special Transformer, Inductor
Balun coils
Wire Wound Mini Balun Transformer, Common Mode Choke, Balun Coil, 200MHz~1GHz for         USB2.0, LVDC
Bead inductors
Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads Inductor, Bead Choke Coil High Impedance at 100 MHz
Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads Inductor, Large Current at 100 MHz
Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads Inductor (GHz Range Noise Suppression)
Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads Inductor (Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead Arrays)
Surface Mount Chip Beads Inductor at 25~100 MHz
Multi Line Bead Inductor, Mount Filter, EMI Core and R6H Wide Band Choke
Chip inductors
Wound Chip Inductors SMD Type Inductance: 1.2 uH~10000 uH
Multilayer Chip Inductors with Ferrite Core, Inductance: 0.10 uH ~ 33 uH
Multilayer Chip Inductors (High Frequency) Inductance: 1.0 nH ~ 470 nH
Wound Chip Inductors Inductance: 0.10 uH ~ 1000 uH
Wound Chip Inductors, Inductance: 2.2 nH ~ 4700 nH
Choke coils
R6H Wide Band Choke Coil at 10/50/100 MHz
Middle Frequency Transformer, Power Choke Coil and Inductor
Power Choke Coil, Suitable for Communication, TV, Monitor and Audio
Power Choke Coil with Large Current Circuits
Power Choke Coil with Rating of 0.3 to 10A
Large Current Power Choke Coil, Data Line Filter and Through-hole Common Mode Choke
Large Current Power Choke Coil with Resonance of 100kHz to 3MHz
Coil filters
Line Filter, Coil Filter Choke, 4.7~120 uH
Large Current Circuits Transformer, Data Power Line Filter and Coil Filter
Current transformers
Toroidal Transformer, Current Sensor, Current Transformer in Ring Shape and Jar Shape Type
EMI filters
Power Filter, Line Filter and EMI Filter for EMC High Quality Power
Ferrite cores
Ferrite Cores and EMI Cores Use Computer Round Cable Peripherals, Terminal, OA Equipment
High frequency transformers
Power Supply Transformer (High Frequency) HF Transformer, Switch Transformer
High Frequency Transformer and Magnet-Shielding Switch Transformer, Power Supply         Transformer
LAN coils/transformers
LAN Transformer, LAN Coil Meets all IEEE 802.3 and ANSI X3.236 Standards, 350 uH, OCL
        with 8 mA Bias
Leaded inductors
Axial Leaded Inductor 0.1 uH~1000 uH
Power inductors
SMD Power Inductors, Tested at 100 KHz, 0.1 Vrms
SMD Power Inductors, GS: 50KHz to 1 MHz, NSC: 3.3~1500 uH (N)
Mini Power Inductors in SMD Type; with Low Radiation
SMD Power Inductor with Small Size and Low Cost, OEM/ODM
SMD Power Inductor for DC/DC Converter LCD Monitor, PC Power, VTR
SMD Power Inductors, Shielded in Bulk or Taping Reel Packing
Mini Power Inductors Test Frequency 100 KHz, 0.1 Vrms
SMD Type Wire Wound Power Inductor in Open Magnetic Construction, with Low DCR, High         Current
SMD Power Inductors, Inductance: 1.0 ~ 470 uH (M), 10 ~ 47 uH (L), 10 ~ 1200 uH (K)
SMD Power Inductors, Inductance: 10~27 uH, 33~28 uH (K), 100~470 uH (K)
SMD Power Inductors, Inductance: 1.2~7.6 uH, 10~1000 uH (M), OEM/ODM
DIP Power Indcutors, Inductance: 10~82uH (M), 100~10000uH (K), Low DCR, High DIP Stability
DIP Power Inductors, 10~82 uH (M), 100~10000 uH (K)
Power transformers
Switching Transformer, Power Transformer for High Density Installation with Good Shielding
Switching Transformer, Power Transformer, Vorical/Horizional, ER/ETD Type, Uses Ferrite Core
Power Transformer with Output Power of 1 VA to 1500 VA
Linear Power Supply Transformer, Switch Power Transformer with Permeability Range of 4,000 to         10,000
High Frequency Power Transformer, Switch Transformer 50W-1KW, 100KHz
Pulse transformers
Lamination Power Pulse Transformer with EI Ferrite Core
Telecom transformers
HF Telecom Transformer and Switch Transformer, High Permeability, Low Loss
Toroidal transformers
Toroidal Choke Coil, Toroidal Transformer and PFC Output Choke

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