Vandal Resistant Switches Expands CCM’s Line Of Switches

vandal resistant switches from ccmWe are proud to introduce the newest addition to our line of switch products, Vandal Resistant switches.  CCM’s Vandal Resistant switches are made from stainless steel and are designed to resist the wear & tear and environmental hazards from being used in outdoor and public applications such as public kiosks, elevators, pedestrian crossing signals, intercoms, door switches, parking ticket machines, vending machines and other high use applications.

intercom with vandal resistant switch

Vandal Resistant switches are common on outdoor intercoms like this.

With an environmental protection of IP67, these switches are completely dust resistant and protected against immersion in 15cm – 1m of water.  The stainless steel body is strong and durable to protect the button from vandal damage and blunt force and the flush design also protects from human tampering.  The LED ring is available in 4 color options: red, green, blue and yellow.   These switches come in 5 voltage options: 6D, 12D, 24D, 110A and 220A.  You can also choose between maintained on, and momentary on functions.

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To inquire about our Vandal Resistant switches, please contact a CCM representative today.

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