An Introduction to High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

HDMI cableHigh Definition Multimedia Interface, popularly known as HDMI, is a recent global standard that was developed through collaboration by Silicon Image, Hitachi, Toshiba, Thomson, Sony, Phillips, and Panasonic as a long lasting transmission foundation for HD audio and video. What sets HDMI apart is its usability on a wide range of computer devices as well as other AV equipment. Owing to its diversity in use all over the world, over 800 companies have adopted HDMI as a standard for manufacturing. An HDMI cable is the equivalent of a complete digital solution to connect different equipment together, regardless of the brand or manufacturer.

HDMI is interesting as its two-way platform allows different devices to connect to each other and exchange information, allowing for easier optimization among seemingly incompatible components. With an HDMI cable, you can experience full HD in your home theater system and take advantage of high definition players like HD set top boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players.

Benefits of using HDMI cables

As the HDMI cable is capable of supporting and connecting multiple devices of all brands in a seamless and hassle free manner, there are many advantages to choosing this platform. One of the biggest advantages of choosing HDMI is that it carries an uncompressed digital data signal that is not compromised. The interface of high definition multimedia technology prevents unnecessary complex functions of digital to analog conversation and vice versa when connecting different devices. The information on HDMI cables is retained in its purest form, allowing you to successfully transfer all data through signal without worrying about loss.

The functions offered by multiple cables are all fitted into a single HDMI cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring. In the same cable, the HDMI offers high resolution audio of up to 8 simultaneous channels and combines the functions of three individual video cables into one. The increasing popularity and standardization of HDMI is influencing most leading brands to become HDMI compatible, allowing you to connect any device through a single cable for multiple purposes including data transfer, audio visual viewing and gaming.

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