3/4” Hole NMO Mobile Mounts Added To CCM’s Antenna Product Line

NMO 3/4 MountWe are pleased to announce our newest addition to our antenna product line: 3/4″” NMO mobile mounts.   These mounts are commonly used to mount NMO style mobile antennas to vehicle roofs or trunks.  The all brass design yields the most resistance to corrosion and the best power transfer available.   These mounts fit Motorola-style mobile antennas 0-1000 MHz, and includes a Teflon insulated RG58U cable terminated with a UHF/PL259 connector.

An NMO Mount on a vehicle roof

An NMO Mount on a vehicle roof

NMO mounts are designed to be mounted on a drilled hole in a vehicle’s roof or trunk and mounted with a mounting kit.   Any antenna with an NMO style base can be attached and removed to the mounted base.  This is the ideal choice for installations that will require rugged durability.    Mounting hardware also available. 

Contact a CCM representative to inquire.

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