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Verizon Wireless Plans To Eliminate Unlimited Data Plans For Grandfatherd Customers

This Wednesday morning, Verizon executive Vice President and CFO Fran Shammo announced at an investor conference that customers grandfathered into their unlimited data plan will now be forced to “upgrade” to one of their tiered 4G LTE data plans starting … Continue reading

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Eureka Becomes A Reality: Town In NM Being Built For Testing New Technologies

If you’ve ever seen the show Eureka on the Syfy Chanel, then you’ll know that it’s about a secret high-tech town where scientists develop and test out new technologies.  Each episode centers on the main character, Jack Carter and whatever … Continue reading

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Waterproof Circular Connectors Serving the Marine Industry

We are now supporting manufacturers of marine applications with our line of waterproof circular connectors.  The IP68 protection rating of the connectors enable protection against dust and complete and continuous submersion under water.  This opens the door for a wide … Continue reading

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