JAE IL-Z E1500 Series Crosses Available

CCM is pleased to be able to supply crosses for this discontinued JAE crimp wafer.  Please see our drawing below and contact us for ordering.



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USB 3.1 Type C Connectors Are Here


Central Components Manufacturing is pleased to announce our newest product line, USB 3.1 type C connectors.  This revolutionary new standard to USB connectivity has many advantages over it’s predecessors.

The round design shape of USB C plugs & receptacles allows reversible connections, no matter which way you flip the plug.  That’s right, no more flipping your plug back & forth in the dark.  The size of C type USB connectors is small enough to be universal for all types of modern mobile devices and applications.  Along with this, USB 3.1 allows the support of various other types of protocols (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort) through the use of adapters.  No more keeping track of proprietary cords and connectors for each different application.

Previous USB standards didn’t provide much power for charging.  2.5 watts was the most you could get to charge your common cellphone.  USB 3.1 has boosted the power to a whopping 100 watts.  That’s enough to charge a high end laptop, for example.  Not only this, but the connection is bi-directional, so devices can both give or receive power.  Data connection speeds have also been doubled from 5Gbps with 3.0 to 10Gbps with 3.1.  USB 3.1 is also backwards compatible with all previous USB standards.

With the release of USB 3.1, along with the new C type design, connectivity for the growing number of devices we all own today should become much easier.



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New From CCM: LEGO NXT Compatible RJ12 6P6C Side Latch Plugs

LEGO_NXT_367Central Components Manufacturing is pleased to announce our newest product, Special Modified RJ12 6P6C Side Latch Plugs.  These LEGO NXT compatible plugs are RoHs and REACH compliant.

Gold plated copper connectors and UL94V-2 clear plastic body material.

View Product Page Here

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CCM Welcomes Chip 1 As Its Newest Distributor

logoWe are proud to welcome our newest distributor, Chip 1 Exchange to our family of distributors.  Chip One is a franchised distributor specializing in the distribution of electronic components for medical, automotive, industrial, military, mobile computing and aerospace applications.

With offices in Germany, Dubai, China, California and new offices in the works for Florida, Texas and San Francisco Bay, they are a truly global electronic components distribution company.   Since 2001, they have served most of Europe and have branched out globally ever since.

Chip 1’s certifications include: ESD DIN EN 61340-5-1:2008, Component Obsolescense Group, ERAI Membership, ISO 9001:2008, and Gidep Membership.  You can visit their website at www.chip1exchange.com

We look forward to a growing and prosperous business relationship with Chip 1 Exchange.

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New Circular Waterproof Connectors Available


We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our line of Circular Waterproof Connectors, the SP-17 series.  This new series comes with the same customizable options of the SP-13 and SP-21 with the addition of crimp connection options and connector diameters of 24mm and 25mm.

Check here for ordering information

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