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  • Fiber Optic connectors and cable assemblies
  • Micro-D Subminiature Connectors.
  • Custom cable assemblies from central components.
  • SHV Connectors from CCM
  • IP Protection Waterproof Connectors
  • MC4 Solar Connectors
  • HDMI cables & connectors

CCM News
Graphene Could Be the Next Wonder Material in the Electronics Industry  --  Graphene's sp2-bonded carbon atom hexagonal honeycomb crystal latticeIf industry reports are to be believed the next ‘wonder material’ is here. Graphene, a form of carbon, was discovered over a decade ago, but its true potential has come to light only in the past few years. 2010 was … Continue reading  
HDMI vs. DisplayPort  --  hdmivsdisplayport  In many computer components, you may find HDMI  and DisplayPort side by side.  Both are evolving to become the two all-digital standards.  While they are known to complement each other, a small level of competition prevails between the two … Continue reading  
An Introduction to High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)  --  HDMI cableHigh Definition Multimedia Interface, popularly known as HDMI, is a recent global standard that was developed through collaboration by Silicon Image, Hitachi, Toshiba, Thomson, Sony, Phillips, and Panasonic as a long lasting transmission foundation for HD audio and video. What … Continue reading  


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